October 21, 2020

Why Gastroenterologists Should Offer In-Office Infusions

For many gastroenterologists, offering infusions is not at the top of their list for new business initiatives. Another service in which they do not have the time to dedicate themselves or their staff to. Many GI websites do not have infusions listed as a service. What you will find are services such as Colonoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy, Esophageal Dilation and many others.  


Yes, these services generate higher revenues for the business however, practices are losing out on an opportunity to add a revenue stream while improving their patients’ level of care. While the overall gastroenterology market is growing, physicians struggle to take advantage of opportunities- in part, because prior-authorizations and reimbursement for many treatment options are becoming more and more complicated. If your practice has more than 15 patients on IV medications such as Remicade and Entyvio or even injectables like Cimzia and Stelara, there are very few reasons that should keep you from offering infusions.


With that said, there are many challenges with operating a successful infusion center. From declining reimbursement to increasing overhead, gastroenterologists are experiencing burnout and challenges like never before. Below are additional challenges keeping physicians from infusing.


·      Effective Staffing

·      Rising Operational Cost

·      Financial Risk Management

·      High Regulatory Burden

·      Space Management


A Better Option


An In-Office Infusion Center by OI Infusion. Let us tackle these challenges head-on so your physicians can do what they do best- care for their patients. OI Infusion partners with gastroenterologists to provide comprehensive infusion therapy services in their offices, ensuring the best standard of care where patients feel most comfortable: their doctor’s office.


Who Benefits?


·        Greater compliance

·        Improved patient compliance

·        Better patient experience

·        The comfort of their physician nearby


·        Increased revenue

·        Reduced financial risk

·        Reduced clinical liability

·        Improved patient-provider relationship

Practice Administrators

·        No time spent on prior authorizations

·        No more locating infusion sites

·        No more fighting denials

·        More time to dedicate to new initiatives


We have decades of experience managing infusion centers and providing best-in-class patient care, and are the industry’s only company 100% focused on managing in-office infusion centers within specialists’ offices. We handle all aspects of your infusion center, from set-up and installation, to clinical staffing, prior authorizations, center operations, inventory management, and billing. Our experienced team will make sure the process is seamless while minimizing the administrative burden for you and your staff.


If you are interested in learning if an in-office infusion center is right for your practice, or if a management company could be beneficial, please schedule a consultation at OI Infusion.  

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