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OI Infusion partners with physicians to provide comprehensive infusion therapy services in their offices, ensuring the best standard of care at the point of service to patients. In-office infusion therapy allows patients to receive their treatment in a comfortable, convenient, and familiar environment under the supervision of their trusted healthcare team. Healthcare providers benefit from increased patient management, interaction , and education— all of which can strengthen the provider-patient relationship and patient outcomes. Contact us to find out if an in-house infusion center would benefit your practice.

Clinical Staffing

We will train & manage nurses and provide nursing oversight. We protect your practice by managing compliance and ensuring clinical policies are up-to-date with in-office infusion procedures.


We handle the day-to-day operations including purchasing of supplies, pharmaceutical logistics,  infusion room set up, patient scheduling & more. We even handle prior-authorization & revenue cycle management

Contract Review

Our experienced team at OI Infusion make having an in-office infusion center easy by providing payor contract review and recovery of funds.


Practice Concerns

From declining reimbursement to increasing overhead, neurologists are experiencing burnout and challenges like never before. While the overall neurology market is growing, neurologists struggle to take advantage of these tailwinds – in part, because prior-authorizations and reimbursement for many treatment options are becoming more and more complicated.

The solution? An In-Office Infusion Center by OI Infusion. We tackle these challenges head-on so neurologists can do what they do best – care for their patients.

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